E-Con Electric strives to achieve zero workplace accidents to ensure the safety of our employees, project owners, and employees of our subcontractors. E-Con Electric’s goal is to educate and train our employees. E-Con Electric and our management team support additional safety programs, but also embrace new methods and continuous training.electrical contractors in Wausau, WI

At E-Con Electric, Inc. we have a great safety track record and we always strive to improve. Our employees are trained in the latest techniques, methods, and in the use of personal protection equipment. We enhance their education through the commitment and accountability of managers, project managers and field supervisors. We develop a safety plan, complete with daily pre-task assessment planning, and we know what to expect each day to eliminate any potential problems.

Included in our safety manual are several safety related forms that we require as part of our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly safety program. To view these forms and our safety manual please go to the link below.electricians in Wausau, WI

Our goal is to be viewed as a leader in the electrical contractor field throughout Wisconsin and other states that we perform electric installations in. Many of the general contractors and owners that work with E-Con Electric utilize us for our quality of work, long term reputation and overall safety culture.

We make no compromises when it comes to safety. E-Con Electric exceeds the OSHA requirements and requires regular drug/alcohol screening to ensure the safety of our job sites and minimize the risk for our customers.

At E-Con Electric our first step to a successful project starts and end with safety as priority one.

Every Project Done Safe, Done Right, On Time, Every Time

Safety Manual

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  • Alcohol and substance abuse programs
  • Safety orientation and site training
  • Management commitment
  • Arc flash training
  • Lift training
  • Fire watch training
  • Confined space training
  • OSHA partnerships
  • Fall protection training
  • Lockout tagout procedure
  • First aid and CPR training startup