Generator Installation

E-Con Electric has installed generators for homes, commercial businesses, industrial Facilities, wastewater treatment, water treatment, and schools of most any size.

Back up power generation. Don't leave yourself in the dark

Power outages and bad weather go hand in hand. And they're happening more frequently. Losing power in your home for just a few hours can mean freezer loads of spoiled food and family discomfort.

Losing power for just a few hours at your business could mean lost revenue in the thousands of dollars. When the lights go out is when the losses mount. And that's when you'll be rewarded for planning ahead by installing back up power generation from E-Con Electric.

Keep your home or business running while others can’t.

Whether your home needs just a 6 kilowatt emergency generator or your business needs 1000, get a standby generator that’s right sized for you.

We'll tailor a package for your needs and budget then professionally install a power generation system that’s designed to kick in when your normal power kicks out!

Proud installers of Several brands of Generator. Generac, Kohler Power Systems, MTU and Cummins generators from home to heavy commercial and industrial applications.

There's no good reason for a home or business to go unprotected from the devastating effects of an extended power outage. In fact, Generac created the home generator market over two decades ago with practical and cost effective standby generators. And the commercial back up power units can pack more punch into a smaller footprint making them appealing to businesses of all sizes.

What size back up power unit do you need?

If you're a homeowner, don't get stressed out by the industrial sized. We can fit you with the exact cost that meets your exact needs. Let us help you size the correct Generator to meet your needs.

We visit our business customers to specify their complex needs; we happily do that for homeowners as well. Designing and sizing a power generation system that’s both practical and affordable for your home or business, and installing it professionally is what we do best.